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Freejazz.org is a discussion website, and in 2004 it was suggested that a few notes might be worth several thousand words. The freejazz.org sampler is the result, featuring sounds from the various denizens of this online free jazz world. Files are being made available for free in MP3 format, and if you were to listen to any of them, please swing by to freejazz.org and share your thoughts, however complimentary.


caroline kraabel & phil hargreaves












fire & flux

glenn weyant





John Clair: Tenor Intestines

August idles
abalone plume
infestation on a dream - john clair


Leda Row Trio: Spot Shot

Andrew Hickman - Tenor Sax; Ken Feild - Alto Sax; Anthony Dintino - Drums “Dedicated to the art of stain extraction."


Ernest Anderson: The Tunnel

Personnel: Ernest Anderson - guitar; Ed Kollar - bass Recorded live in NYC @the Starck Gallery, 4/29/04


Chris Forbes: Patriot Act

For many years I lived in two worlds, the modern classical world of Messiaen and Boulez, and the free jazz tradition of Cecil Tay- lor and Paul Bley. I strove as hard as I could to keep these two worlds separate, with no cross influences. What a stupid idea! Patriot Act is an example of the work I am now interested in, combining harmonies and textures from both worlds into dense improvisations. I also hope the piece is infused with the sense of outrage I have at the situation in this country and in the world today. It’s time to ask what a true Patriot Act really is. Is it to blindly put all your trust in power and authority? Or is it to speak out, trusting in your own authority?


Caroline Kraabel/phil hargreaves: Picton Library

Picton Library is the title of the recording venue, done as part of the sessions for the album “where we were” on Leo records. There is no electronic processing on this recording - all effects are due to the library’s entirely curious acoustic. See www.wherewewere.info for more about this project.


Aldcroft/Shaw/Sorbara: Trio Improvisation

ken aldcroft - guitar, evan shaw - alto saxophone, joe sorbara - drums

more info at www.joesorbara.com


Fire and Flux: Dying of Excess

Recorded live May 9, 2004 at Synthetic Zero, South Bronx, NY. Performed at a gallery event sponsored by the Bronx Council on the Arts. Worst recording quality in human history produced by an early 80s Panasonic cassette recorder. Full track title is "Dying of Excess or Need (We Are All)." See www.fireandflux.com for more about the Fire&Flux saxophone and drums duo.


James Keepnews: Discontinuo

James Keepnews: guitar, laptop, synth. Recorded live in concert June 27, 2003 - Chapel & Cultural Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Recorded by Michael Lopez. Mastered by Ben Chadabe & jk. Thanks to J. Eric Smith, Mitch Elrod, J-Swift, Will Zwink, ML & BC for making this event, and its recording, possible.

“Discontinuo” is an example of my continuing explorations in interactive improvisation via the MAX/MSP programming environment. Depending upon the input from my guitar, the interactive system programmed in MAX/MSP draws upon multiple tendencies for orchestration, melodic and rhythmic ex- pression, and responds in real-time.


Fist of Kong: Shedding Skins

Fist of Kong was formed in 2003 as a sax/bass/drums trio of Houston improvisers, and has continued as a duo since drummer Vaughan Boone left in 2004. FOK plays spontaneous free improvisation using a multitude of instruments. Their recordings can be found and purchased at www.cafepress.com/charlienaked/


Tampere03: Tampere03

Helsinki 2003 Musicians: David Rothenberg - (woodwinds, samples), Petri Kuljuntausta - (electronic processing) John Wieczorek - (percussion). Recorded live at Helsingin Taidehalli Club Helsinki, Finland - October 22, 2003


The Adam Caine Trio: Shifting

Adam Caine - guitar; Ken Filiano - bass; Phil Haynes - drums. Written by Adam Caine.

Ras & the Music Now Unit: Tutankhamen

Ras Moshe. 3-22-68. Brooklyn. By way of Jamaica. Rasta. Jazz lover from birth. Especially the "New Music". Although the whole evolution of "jazz" is forever "new". Love writing poetry too. Since childhood. Liberation can be achieved through freedom in the arts.

Our band is The Music Now Unit (Matt Heyner, Matt Lavelle & Jackson Krall). We try to reach the spirit. We try to express the other existence through sound. We thank you.


The Otherwhen: One Inhabited Fifth-Level Time-line

Recorded on 4/13/04 at The Store, Brooklyn, NY The Otherwhen is: Nick Chapman - synthesizer www.nicksays.com
Adam Kriney - trap set www.vorg.net
Matt Mottel - synthesizer www.theflangedconfection.com

“But it was a job somebody had to do, and it was the job for which Vall had been trained, so he’d take it, and do it, Karf suspected, better than he’d done it himself.”


Weyant/Golden/Haslam: excerpt from 5-3-04

5/3/04 Exerpt is the last three minutes of a show at the Mat Bevel Institute in Tucson, Arizona, United States of America, Earth. It was improvised during the desert season of change. As spring withered, students and snowbirds migrated for cooler climes. The bars and roadways emptied and the city sighed in relief. One hundred plus degrees was not far away. It would be two more months before the first fat drops of monsoon moisture would cool the scorched earth. The quartet of Weyant, Golden and Haslam played one more show after the three minutes heard here, then dispersed. Until when? Who knows. Enjoy.



paper parts: if you'd like to burn these tracks to CD, here's a PDF of the parts to make your own jewel case.